Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Week 1 of 13 - Triathlon Training for Beginners

Triathlon Training for Beginners

Here's a brief of the first week of training. This week is an easy week. The goal is to get back into the swing of things. More so than anything I'm just going through the motions. Once we get started the "pushing" will come naturally.

Mon. - Visit the Gym for the first time in months. See yesterday's post for my work out.
Tues. - Jog for 30mins. Speed and distance doesn't matter too much now.
Wed. - Swim for 30mins no time or distance constraints today. Getting back into the water is always a shocking expereince for me. I always feel out of breath and disoriented. So the goal is to slowly build up again.
Thurs. - Run for 30mins. Speed and distance doesn't matter too much yet. Swim for 30 mins, again no time or distance contraints, try doing longer sets if possible (swim longer with out stopping).
Fri. - Hit the Gym again. Light weights all around easy workout. Sticking with the theme for the week, I'm just going through the movements to get back into the swing of things. 1. Squats 2. Lat Pull down 3. Leg Press 4. Chest Press 5. Seated Row 6. Hamstring Curl 7. Sit-ups
Sat. - 25 mile bike ride. This is a lot for someone who hasn't been riding for awhile. Do fewer miles if you'd like. I'm doing this distance because it's the distance to my work.
Sun. - BREAK. With such a light week I really don't need a break but it's a good habit to have. Later on these days will be indispensable.

Note about myself and my training:
I'm relatively new to triathlons. Between my wife and me, we have done 5 triathlons and we often train together. My goal is to go a little faster than last year but my training. Last year I did the Olympic LA Tri (my first tri) in 2:49 and this year I hope to do 2:39 or better. These are very "middle of the road" times for my age group, 25-29. I use to swim competitively as a teenager so I tend to favor the swim portion of races. I'm building on my run and bike skills.

At any rate my training schedule is pretty flexible. That is to say you can probably adapt it for yourself by making minor tweaks in time and effort to suit your comfort level. My wife does this so I know it's possible. We aren't super competitive either so if you "mostly" stick through the training you'll be able to at least compete in a race comfortably if that is your goal.I enjoy training with other people and posting my workouts is one way to do that. So please share your questions and comments.

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