Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Debbie's Marathon Relay

So Debbie has one week left of training for a relay leg of a marathon. She'll be running approx. 5.2 miles. In the past couple of weeks she has been cross training in the gym 2-3 times a week for 2-3 miles each. This is a great base to have and she now has a few days left before the race. This is what I would suggest.

Tues. night: Light jog on pavement maybe 1-2 miles to get use to shoes and socks. Don't push yourself. If anything feels wrong slow down and even walk so as not to take yourself out of commission. Try different socks on other runs if necessary.
Wed. : Jog 3-4 miles if you felt comfortable the day before.
Thurs. : Light jog 1-2 miles, do it very lightly to allow for your body to recover from yesterday don't over do it. Or your regular workout.
Fri. : Light Jog 3-4 miles do it in the morning if possible. Get in some distance and practice. Don't run too hard becuase you'll need to recover before Sunday. Normally I'd say not to run such a long distance so close to a race but I think it's important that you feel yourself out. If you feel comfortable on Thurs., do it on Thurs. and switch this day with the Thurs. run.
Sat. : Rest, let your body recover you can't do anything more. Do a super light jog/workout if you have to.
Sun. : Race day! Have fun and good luck!

Points to consider:
- Slowly get milage in on your shoes. Running on the pavement will be different then in the gym on a treadmill. You'll need to build up for your knee's and feet sake.
- You'll need to feel out your shoes for your feet so start running slowly.
- Make sure you are hydrating yourself like you would for a race. It's a balance, don't drink too much before hand so that your stomach sloshes. And definitely don't drink too little. You'll need more than just water so get use to drinking a sport drink like Gatorade.
- Make sure eat far enough in advance so you're not needing to use the restroom by race time.
- This is the last week before the race so take it easy don't push yourself too much as you want to be prepared for the race. The milage may seem high so cut back at any point so as to keep your energy. The point this week is to get use to the distance not build on your stregnth and endurance. You've already done that in the previous weeks.

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